What is test bank?

What is a test bank?

Test bank is specifically designed test paper prepared by the authors of text books to cater student needs. Test banks contain customized questions, which aid students in covering each topic comprehensively and thoroughly. Students all across the globe are using test banks in order to sharpen their concepts and nourish their learning skills. Each chapter contains a set of different questions which help students to test their learning. Moreover all questions also come with author backed answers. Hence students can check their answers after solving questions. The test banks of hard courses like physics, auditing, cost accounting, or business law courses offer customized questions which ensure in-depth learning.

Test banks contain all sorts of questions

Test banks contain a variety of questions and each particular question appeals to a certain set of students. For instance if students are preparing for a small class quiz, they would only need to go through short questions and multiple choice questions. On the flip side if the students are prepping for midterms or final examination, they would be more interested in the long questions. Test bank  covers all questions and students can consult question as per their needs and requirements.

Test banks and Solution manuals go hand in hand

Solution manuals complement text books, few concepts of text books are difficult to comprehend for students. Students sometimes tend to develop anxiety as they are unable to cope up with their fellow students. This is where the need of solution manuals kicks in, a solution manual proffers guidance to the students. All concepts are explained using easier terminology.

If students wish to get good marks in university and college exams, they should try to use both solution manuals and test banks together. These both go hand in hand. Students can clear their doubt and learn from solution manuals, once they have learned and are confident then they can check their preparation through test banks. Solution manuals clear doubts and concerns of students by offering precise explanation of concepts.

Solution manuals also offer different real life examples which make them interesting and a favorite amongst students. If a student is struggling with their biology, chemistry,  managerial accounting,  programming, or economics course they must get the solution manual  as it offers different examples which would aid the student to grasp the concepts easily. Once the concept has been grasped, student can then deploy the learned knowledge to access their knowledge through test banks. This way they get to mark and test their knowledge before sitting in exams. It would also aid in overcoming exam hysteria.

What makes test banks special?

Originally test banks catered needs of teachers. Test banks are not easily and readily available in the markets. Hence, test banks help student to think like a teacher, they get to understand how the examiner thinks and how a teacher would set the exam questions. This knowledge of exam setting is crucial for student as it helps them in the real exams and secure good marks.