Test Bank- Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology- 8th


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Test Bank- Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology- 8th

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Test Bank- Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology- 8th

Considered one of the world’s famous Pharmacology textbooks. Published by Elsevi and written by Ritter, this test bank represents down to earth approach, variety of examples and problems to make it easy for all health care learners worldwide.

And as always, we are providing you with some useful resources and study guides to assist you in managing your Pharmacology course wisely.

* Complete test bank formulated specifically to match the content in your Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology book. The test bank contains mix of test questions for each individual chapter. Besides, all questions come with correct answers. This test bank is available in downloadable form, and so it can be delivered to you shortly via email.

Textbook details
Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology 9th Edition
By Ritter et al
Elsevier Science Health Science,2019

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