Test Bank- Personality- Burger- 10th


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Test Bank- Personality- Burger- 10th

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Personality burger test bank is available online for immediate access.

Take advantage of our exclusive instructor’s resources to supplement Burger’s personality. Cengage learning provides bunch of handy study guides. All resources are available as an electronic file, so don’t worry about shipping and delays.

Probably the most helpful study resources for any textbook are the test bank and the solutions manual.

Test bank for Personality textbook: In this resource you will be able to view hundreds of certified exam questions. If you score high in the test bank, you will score high in your actual test as well. The correct answers are provided for all test bank questions.

Solutions manual: This is a digital file in PDF extension, and therefore it can be sent to you shortly after you send us a request. You will need this solutions manual in order to get verified answers for all discussion questions in the book. Moreover, the solutions manual will provide you with a concise summary for the topics and concepts in each chapter which means it will save a lot of your valuable time because it will show you what needs to be focused on.

If you are taking Psychology class and using Personality by Burger, I highly advise you obtaining the test bank and solutions manual. This is for the 10th edition, however, if you are using different edition, most likely it’s available.

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