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Test Bank-OM5 -Collier

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Test Bank-OM5 -Collier

This is a perfect Operations management course for those who just started learning the principles. It will begin from the basics and gradually walk you through more complex topics. The test bank, which is available as word file, will grant students confidence what they have learned because it covers all important points in each chapter and present them in the form of elegant multiple choice question.

At the end of each chapter in OM5 by Collier there are couple of homework questions, problems and exercises. So there is a need to get a guide to tell you whether your solutions are correct or no. This PDF solutions manual contains faculty approved answers for the entire problems in your book.

If you are interested in obtaining those guides and have them delivered to your inbox, kindly contact us. In addition, if you would like to review a free copy for a certain chapter, we can definitely let you see a sample free of charge in order to assist you determine the benefits of the test bank and solutions manual. Are you using the 6th edition? Yes, we have that edition as well. Contact us for all details.

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