Test bank, Corporate Finance, Ehrhardt


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Test bank, Corporate Finance, Ehrhardt

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Test bank Corporate Finance Ehrhardt

This is a great finance textbook for MBA and business students. The test bank focuses on two important areas:

* Securities valuation from an investor perspective.
* Valuing the firm from a management perspective.

Ehrhardt’s Corporate Finance builds on models of value up to making capital budgeting more efficient.

The test bank and corresponding test bank were written in a simply yet professional language; that is to make it easier to grasp corporate finance principles not only by majors but anyone who is interested in finance. The textbook is rich with a lot of end of chapter exercises, problems and tests.

Corporate finance by Ehrhardt comes with variety of useful resources and instructors’s materials that increase the educational process effectiveness. These resources include:

1) Complete test bank: It is written by the textbook authors, so it will give you a “real exam atmosphere”. As a matter of fact, the test bank might be the greatest study guide you may try to obtain because it contains hundreds of test questions written in light of the materials in each chapter. In other words, test bank you give you the chance to test your skills about corporate finance. In addition, you will get the correct answer associated with question, so you will not have hard time guessing the correct answer.

2) Solutions manual: The PDF/Word file will provide you with complete and accurate answers for any single question in your book, Both odd and even questions.

3) Case answers: This file is part of the solutions manual. It deals with the cases in the book and provides optimal answers for it.

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