Solutions manual- Atkinson’s Introduction to Psychology


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Solutions manual- Atkinson’s Introduction to Psychology

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Atkinson & Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology- solutions manual

The book is biological in its approach. Atkinson explained each chapter with clarity without making things complicated. This solutions manual is for those who have no psychology background and, this book is a great introduction to Psychology.

The main goal of the Instructor’s Manual is to provide the instructor of an introductory psychology course with an array of additional teaching tools with which to help students develop an understanding of the concepts presented in the chapter. So, we have provided lecture ideas, class activities, and writing assignments that we have used in the past and have found successful.

Many of the ideas for this manual were developed by former authors of this Manual. As many of the ideas mentioned in this manual come from lecture notes, there may be activities and/or lecture ideas that do not have a reference citation attached to them. This approach was used because an activity or lecture may have been developed in the classroom, or through updates in lecture notes, and that information therefore is irretrievably lost.

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