Psychological Science test bank, Solutions manual, Study guide |Gazzaniga |6e


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Psychological Science test bank, Solutions manual, Study guide |Gazzaniga |6e

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Psychological Science test bank:

Book name: Psychological Science.
Author: Gazzaniga.
Edition: 6th edition.
Publisher: Norton
Copyright: 2018.
Category: Psychology.

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Because it’s one of the best selling medical Psychology textbooks in the U.S. Written by Prof. Michael Gazzaniga. This textbook comes with couple of valuable, authentic and time-saving resources.

The ancillaries below are available:

1) Full test bank: Provided by W. W. Norton & Company, this unique test bank contains tons of multiple choice, true and false and essay questions. It is written based on your textbook. Psychological Science test bank is 100% revised and it is error free.

2) Study guide (Solutions manual): Provides summary to the chapter’s content, answers to the questions and cases at the back of the book.

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