Full Test Bank – Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada – Herauf – 9e


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Full Test Bank – Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada – Herauf – 9e

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Modern Advanced Accounting in Canada – Herauf – 9e (Test Bank)

Recognized as the most current and technically accurate advanced accounting text on the market, Herauf/Hilton’s Modern Advanced Accounting In Canada continues to be one of the most trusted and reliable choices for advanced accounting courses. The 9th edition is 100% compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), with regard to the typical advanced accounting topics of business combinations and foreign currency transactions, as well as for the topics studied in intermediate accounting and other courses. It also contains the reporting requirements for private enterprises and not-for-profit organizations. All of the extracts from financial statements are taken from Canadian entities.


What is a Test Bank:

A Test Bank is a ready-made testing resource that can be customized by lecturers for their teaching. Usually written by the Textbook author, it is tailored to the contents of an individual textbook. Feedback is often provided on answers given by students, containing page references to the book. Questions can be any of the following types: – Multiple choice – Multiple response – True/false – Fill in the blank – Matching – Essay/short answer


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